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Mapco Hps Bras Lot 52-tlg Strengthened For Audi A6 4f-2 H 5 C6 - All -before

Mapco Hps Bras Lot 52-tlg Strengthened For Audi A6 4f-2 H 5 C6 - All -before
Mapco Hps Bras Lot 52-tlg Strengthened For Audi A6 4f-2 H 5 C6 - All -before

Mapco Hps Bras Lot 52-tlg Strengthened For Audi A6 4f-2 H 5 C6 - All -before   Mapco Hps Bras Lot 52-tlg Strengthened For Audi A6 4f-2 H 5 C6 - All -before
Mapco hps arm lot 52-tlg reinforced for audi a6 4f-2 h5 c6 - all -front. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please contact us. Mapco hps - high performance standard.

Do you have any questions about the product? Set of triangulated padco hps front axle reinforced front axle for audi a6 4f.

See the current daily price. 1 x lower left triangle. 1 x lower right triangle. 1 x lower left rear triangle. 1 x lower right rear triangle.

1 x upper left outer triangle. 1 x upper triangle right outside. 1 x upper left rear triangle. 1 x upper right rear triangle.

1 x left outside tip. 1 x right outside tip. 1 x stabilizer bar/mating left. 1 x stabilizer bar/mating on the right.

1 x set of fastening screws with nuts. Numbers oe (only for comparison purposes). Mapco hps handlebar set: unit of measurement: manufacturer approval rate: standard hps place of assembly: front axle on both sides installation place: above installation place: below with cone size locking screw set: 20.7 with mating rod direction: with draught tips required: 1. The spare parts for cardco autotechnik vehicles are produced with the same specifications as the original parts of the corresponding car manufacturers.

In some cases, however, the quality can be greatly improved by our own engineers, and so a standard product becomes an innovative standard high performance product (hps). Mapco-hps products are far superior to the original parts in terms of quality and are extremely durable. The hps stabilization braces are made of round steel 12 mm thick. The thickness of the material in the manufacturer's original part is usually only 8 mm.

The mapco-hps product is more resistant to bending, which extends the life of the patella joints. Mapco's hps products are technically innovative and low wear. In addition, we only use partially synthetic greases for permanently lubricated kneecaps for our items, such as force legs, draught tips, handlebar arms, wheel suspension repair kits, kneecap joints, which provide a high level of corrosion protection and significantly reduce the slippage of the stick. We use seal balls with a smooth surface like a mirror in allen joints of the items mentioned. The term \"mirror\" is the law.

This reduces wear and increases the lifespan of the joints. This treatment also leads to short run-in times. Special wrists, which are mainly transparent in our hps products, increase the temperature range and improve wrist durability. Excellent and certification by tev the hps technology is certified by t-v rheinland. Functionally relevant quality characteristics have been thoroughly verified in the context of in-depth testing procedures.

During the tests, special attention was paid to the strength of the material used, resistance to environmental influences and wear tests. After the hps products performed very well in allen areas, they were certified by the rheinland tv. Each product has received a unique certificate number, under which it can be found on mapco's website and of course at the tev. In order to be able to allocate the incoming payment more quickly, please enter your membership name as a reference when payment. We will then send you an updated payment notice.

Please note the buyer outside the ue! These costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

These fees must be paid by the buyer. Please contact your local customs office to determine what these additional costs will be before bidding and buying. At the store reviews amounting 1x set of screws brake to the store reviews.

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  1. oe5 reference number: direction knuckle joints, screws, bolts, 4f0407694g
  2. product group: direction
  3. reference number oe7: 4f0407693j, pendulum holder, steering kneecap heads, ssk
  4. reference number oe6: wishbone together, cross-cutting arm game,
  5. placement: right
  6. mengen unit: room
  7. reference number oe3: 4f0407693h, steering kneecap, mating bars, stabis
  8. reference number oe: f0407693g
  9. reference number oe9: 4f0407693b, handlebars, aluminum, aluminum, sockets
  10. manufacturer's authorization: standard hps
  11. reference number oe1: 4f0407693c
  12. reference number oe8: piece, rep.

    Rate, repair kit, 4f0407694, 4f0407694h

  13. -side mounting: front axle
  14. manufacturer's coin number: 59828/1hps
  15. mark: mapco
  16. type: control arm
  17. reference number oe/oem: metzger 59000448
  18. direction: with kneecap tips
  19. type of handlebars: control arm
  20. ean: 4043605797681
  21. extra article/additional info 2: with mating bar
  22. reference number oe2: 4f0407693, rubber, contribution joints, 4f0407694b
  23. number: 1
  24. sizes of the cone: 20.7 mm
  25. reference number oe4: nuts, 14 pieces, 52 pieces, 12 pieces, 4f0407694c
  26. fabricant: mapco

Mapco Hps Bras Lot 52-tlg Strengthened For Audi A6 4f-2 H 5 C6 - All -before   Mapco Hps Bras Lot 52-tlg Strengthened For Audi A6 4f-2 H 5 C6 - All -before